Our unified vision of becoming the leading provider of data-driven customer growth solutions across all phases of the customer life cycle, motivates us to develop innovative and intelligent solutions.

Experian delivers solutions and services to help our clients manage their credit risk, direct their marketing strategies, detect and monitor fraudulent activities, reward their loyal consumers, automate and streamline their decision-making, and educate their workforce.

Information Solutions

We collect, analyse and present credit information through software and platforms that enable quick, automated and consistent decisions, thereby improving customer experiences and minimising risk.

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Analytics Services

We combine data, analytics, predictive modelling and software into every step of the decision-making process. Facilitated by Scoresharp – Experian Analytics, our analytics services are customisable to your business needs.

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Consumer Insights

We provide enhanced consumer insight to create more meaningful engagements with new and existing customers.

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Loyalty & Rewards

We build and implement loyalty programmes that can help you better understand and reward your customers or your workforce.

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